HoloLens. Now is the time to strike while the iron is hot!

Below is a picture of the meager beginnings of a game app I’m working on for HoloLens. The game will be called “Space Drones”.  The wielder of the HoloLens will control a drone through a series of challenging levels involving training exercises, tasks and dangerous missions.

The current control console is rudimentary at the moment, however I intend to model it after what you’d see in a Tony Stark / Iron Man Movie.

This is my first HoloLens app written from scratch, so it’s an amazing experience to say the least. It’s so much different than developing an app for mobile. To create something and then to be able to see it in front of you; even to be able to walk around it is beyond words.

I feel this is a special moment in time for Augmented Reality Developers. Few of us have these devices at the moment. Fewer may truly know what’s coming up ahead. Kind of like the mobile developers in the mid-2000’s.

Now’s the time to strike while the irons hot!